The Isle Magincia

From the Atlas guide of Ultima Online:

“On the central island between Buccaneer’s Den and Moonglow, Magincia is a natural target for plunder and magical side-effects. Ironically, it is the latter that tends to reduce the frequency of the former.

Perhaps the best way to describe Magincia is bright. But then, perhaps that is too kind. Gaudy might be more appropriate. Home to the largest diamond mine in the realm, the residents of Magincia have experienced the sensation of too much money. One of the many ways in which they have found to address this problem involves constructing ridiculously ornate buildings. Structurally sound shops will often have additional columns and supports solely to provide additional places in which to inlay gemstones and gold. The street signs are lettered in real silver, while the local watch wear badges that use precious metals to indicate rank.”

The Isle of Magincia has greatly changed since then. Currently is stands mostly barren, save only a few buildings left after the onslaught of a demon plague that swept the Isle. These include the old Parliament building, the office of the Magincia Endowment for the Arts and Community Affairs, the estate Lady Silverbrook and the Elementalist Tower on the northern shores. Rumors, however, tell of a New Magincia that may see the light of day… an Isle that is truly touched by the hand of Humility…


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