Magincia Library And Museum

The Magincia Library and Museum is home to a unique collection of items and books. It was founded in 2000 and tended to by its original curator, India West. When India West departed these lands, along with the ‘Hooded Ones’, Lady Silverbrook took over maintaining the collections within its walls. After joining the High Council, Lady Silverbrook began hosting events, usually literary in nature, at the Library and Museum. The museum also continued to occasionally receive items to add to its collection. In more recent years, the Library and Museum had also served as a focal point of sorts for strange phenomena.

It should be noted that the Library and Museum on Magincia was destroyed at one point briefly. Some years back, it was demolished by the Light Demons during the war upon the Isle. Due to an intervention that Lady Silverbrook does not speak of at length, it was restored to its former glory. This lasted for several years, it being one of only a handful of standing buildings after Casca’s reign. In Sosarian calendar year BY 453 (June of 2010), the Library and Museum was relocated to Nujel’m shores, where Lady Silverbrook lived before taking on an estate in Magincia. The original Library and Museum, sadly, has  finally succumbed to the wars that touched Magincia and no longer exists.

Currently the Magincia Library and Museum, housed in the former Councilor’s Guild in Nujel’m, serves as an interesting historical repository for the public. It also once again has opened its doors to monthly community events hosted by Lady Silverbrook.


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