Magincia Endowment for the Arts and Community Affairs: How to Apply

Are you interested in planning and hosting community events on Great Lakes? Would you like to, but lack the gold or resources to do it? We would like to help you help the community, then. Here is how:

* Members of any community are eligible to apply for a grant.

* Individuals can apply either at the Office for the Magincia Endowment for the Arts and Community Affairs (located on the northern shores of Magincia) or at the High Court of Britannia Office (located at Compassion Grove). Please leave some form of contact information. You can also petition via the High Council of Britannia, which meets every other Monday at 8pm cst.

* You must state the event you wish to provide for the community and what money or resources will be required to conduct the event. Financial grants for event prize money cannot exceed 5 million.

* This event, when implemented, must be advertised on community venues such as Stratics no less than three days prior to the actual event by way of [news] on the shard specific forums. On Stratics, you can email their news reporters, Lord Phayde or Lady Lava (via link on the UO stratics Great Lake news site), and they will gladly post it for you. An open invitation must be extended to the entire populace to attend. The wish is to assist in events that build upon the community as a whole.

* Final determination, costs and approval of the grant will be determined by Justicar Ra’Dian Fl’Gith and Lady Silverbrook. Money or resources to the event will be delivered before the event at a time agreed to by both parties.

Please note that we are not soliciting any money or resources from outside sources for these grants. In addition, the grant is being set up so that it will assist in one to two events per month, met by a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.


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