City of Magincia to sponsor Boat Race to Newcastle’s Port Royale, Wed Dec 15th at 8pm cst

This month, in lieu of a literary contest, Lady Silverbrook of the City of Magincia will be hosting a boat race to the newly christened Port Royale of Newcastle Township this Wednesday, December 15th. All individuals shall meet at the Library and Museum in Nujel’m who wish to participate. From there, every person/ group will be given a book detailing the sea directions necessary to reach their destination, as there will be a ‘pick up point’ for items that need delivered to the port. Those who are able to pick up and drop off the supplies first will be deemed the winners of this challenge.

All proceeds from the items delivered to Port Royale will be given to the displaced refugees of Magincia, who are still currently scattered across many crown cities, as well as the Buc’s Den Orphanage for children. In addition, the First Place winner will win 2 million gold, the Second Place winner will take home 1.5 million, and the Third Place winner will have 1 million given to them in gratitude of their service to Magincia. The event will start promptly at 8pm under central skies (9pm eastern) at the Library (the former counselor’s guild in Nujel’m, on its eastern shores). Runes will be available across several crown city banks the day of the race as well on the steps of Lady Silverbrook’s estate, which is on Magincia’s northern beaches.

The coordinates for the Library and Museum in Nujel’m is 37.11N 172.20E. The Port Royale of Newcastle is at coordinates 93.41N 45.21E. Just a reminder that there will be a ‘pick up point’ for supplies that will be given to participants the evening of the race, and you must pick up and drop off these supplies in order to be eligible to win.

It is our hope to see many there who wish to aid their fellow Britannians.


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