Magincia to co-sponsor Jhelom Boat Race with the Grotto, Saturday Nov. 13th at 4pm cst

The Isle of Magincia is co sponsoring, along with Lady Tanda’s Grotto Tavern and the City of Jhelom, a boat race this Saturday, Nov. 13th, at 4pm cst.

It was brought to our attention there are a number of starving, orphan children currently living in Buccaneer’s Den by way of Councilor Beauvina of the High Councilor. Both Lady Tanda and myself have committed to assist in aiding them. To this end, we are having a boat race, the fastest ships are necessary to send food and other items to these children.

Please come to the Jhelom docks, which is the starting point for this race (177o 54’N 11o 36’E, near the Jhelom moongate). There the directions will be given, as well as notification of where a ‘checkpoint’ will be located during the race. The winners will be determined by whom reaches the final destination first. First Place will take home 2 million gold, Second Place 1 million gold, and Third Place 500,000 gold.

All that participate have our gratitude for wishing to help these children and alleviate their current suffering. As always, thank you for your help and interest.


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