Halloween Limerick Contest at Magincia Library and Museum on Nujel’m, 8pm cst 10.18.10

There will be a ‘Halloween’ themed contest on Monday, October 18th at 8pm cst. It will be held at the Magincia Library and Museum, which currently resides in the old Councilor’s Guild in Nujel’m. This month, all those wishing to attend should dress in a themed costume. Halloween masks, Polymorphs, Animal Form spells are all welcome, as are  merely dressing up in costume. Every person wishing to enter should prepare a limerick style poem that somehow ties into their chosen costume.

All entries should be written in a book that will be presented before the audience as well as passed on for judging. Winners will be decided on technique, creativity and best use of costume with limerick by Lady Silverbrook and Justicar Ra’Dian Fl’Gith. First place will take home 2 million, Second place 1 million and Third place 500,000 gold. There will also be ‘Monster’- themed trivia during the night for attendees, and each question answered will be worth 100,000 gold.

It is our hope to see you there for a most spooktacular night!

(As always, please remember that funding for events on the Great Lakes shard can be assisted by use of the Magincia Endowment for the Arts and Community Affairs! If you wish to hold an event for the public, please ask how this is possible.)


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