Nujel’m’s Magincia Library Hosts ‘Autumn’ Poetry Contest, 9.20.10 at 8pm cst

The second monthly literary contest at the new Magincia Library and Museum (the former Nujel’m Counselor’s Guild) will be based on the theme of ‘Autumn’. The contest will be held on Monday, September 20th at 8pm cst. Any and all are welcome to participate. Please bring a copy of your poem in a bound, red leafed book for review. Also be prepared to read it in front of those assembled for the event.

If you are unsure where the Library and Museum is, runes will be available at the High Council building in Compassion Grove as well as the estate of Lady Silverbrook on the northern most shores of Magincia. In addition, runes will be available about several banks, notably Britain, the day of the event.

The winner of the contest will win 2 million gold, the second place will win 1 million and the third place will receive 500,000 gold. As always, there will be consolation prizes and door prizes awarded. We hope to see you there, either as spectator or contestant!


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