Monday, August 23rd 8pm cst: Haiku Contest at the Nujel’m/ Magincia Library and Museum

I am pleased to announce that a literary contest will be held Monday, August 23rd, at 8pm cst. This will be the first literary contest to be held at the location of the new Magincia Library and Museum (the former Nujel’m Counselor’s building). The contest will involve utilizing the form of haiku. So, please bring a prepared, self written haiku (please bring it, red leafed, in a book) and also be ready to read it for those assembled that evening.

Do not know what haiku is or how to write one? Please reference this:

There will be two million gold for the winner of the contest, one million for second place and 500,000 gold for third. In addition, there will be consolation and door prizes awarded to those who both attend and compete. Runes to the contest will be found at the High Council of Britannia, the estate of Lady Silverbrook upon the northern shores of Magincia, and distributed about most banks in Britannia the day of the contest. We hope to see you there.


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